Confirmed Bigfoot sighting (for adults only)

Given the society we live in, it’s not unheard of for erotica in one form or another to surface during a political campaign, often forcing the offending candidate to issue a quick if not embarrassing explanation.

But how does one explain Bigfoot porn?

Denver Riggleman, the Republican candidate for Virginia’s 5th congressional district that includes Rappahannock County, rushed this week to say it all began a dozen or more years ago as a joke among his old military pals. Riggleman at the time was in the midst of writing a book with the working title, “Bigfoot Exterminators Inc: The Partially Cautionary, Mostly True Tale of Monster Hunt 2006.”

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While the tome’s subject matter was non-erotic, the suggested cover art created by one of his friends, along with an accompanying risque description by Riggleman, were posted by the Republican on his personal Instagram site (yes kids, what you share on social media can and will come back to haunt you) focusing on Sasquatch’s genitalia and why size . . . well, this is a family newspaper, so we’ll leave it at that.

Leslie Cockburn, the Fifth’s Democratic candidate who hails from Rappahannock, took to her Twitter account Sunday evening to share with the world Riggleman’s online infatuation with Bigfoot, from the “censored” art to Riggleman’s suggestive remarks to his hashtag #matinghabitsofbigfoot.

“My opponent Denver Riggleman, running mate of Corey Stewart, was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist,” Tweeted Cockburn. “Now he has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. This is not what we need on Capitol Hill.”

In one depiction of the hairy creature, the candidate’s smiling face was superimposed over the beefy Bigfoot himself.

“From my opponent Denver Riggleman’s Bigfoot erotica collections,” Cockburn tweeted in a second post.

Online image from the Instagram account of GOP congressional candidate Denver Riggleman, via a tweet from his Democratic opponent Leslie Cockburn. Via the internet

A former Air Force intelligence officer, Riggleman explained to numerous reporters this week that his Bigfoot postings were nothing more than a 14-year running joke, and he’s surprised Cockburn would see fit to insert them into their political campaign.

Cockburn has no regrets doing so. Simply by sharing Riggleman’s revealing posts, the former journalist has managed to shine the national media spotlight on her unsuspecting opponent, forcing him to explain to reporters from the country’s top news organizations everything he knows about the elusive ape-like being, who supposedly walks like a human and dwells in the forest. Who after all doesn’t love a Bigfoot erotica story?

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