A call for transparency, nominations

The Rappahannock Electric Cooperative seems to be unwilling to work with well-meaning members of the co-op on minor issues such as open board meetings, published minutes (from those meetings), and financial disclosures (to include salaries of the board members). The group Repower REC (repowerrec.com) has requested what should be public information from REC and instead of providing this information, have met with resistance from REC’s lawyer. Why does the board need a lawyer to respond to legitimate requests from members if the board is “fair, democratic, and transparent?”

REC is now in the process of electing board members. Region II and Region III are running as unopposed incumbents. Some on the board have served since 1981. These folks may be very fine and competent people with outstanding qualifications for their positions, but shouldn’t we, the membership be allowed to nominate other candidates? I don’t recall seeing a call for nominations in “Cooperative Living” or a public announcement.

Repower REC has proposed to put a few issues to a vote of the membership and has been stoutly rejected by the board. This does not seem fair, transparent, nor democratic. I encourage all co-op members to go to repowerrec.com and see what this group is trying to do to bring some meager reforms.

The co-op belongs to its members, or so they tell us. Let’s make it so.

Mike Moore

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