Biking invitations to Brady, Miller

Regarding Mr. [Richard] Brady’s editorial in the July 26 newspaper but contrary to his opinion, there are many, many of us who like the photographic art on display throughout the county. My family has lived in Rappahannock County for multiple generations (as has Mr. Brady’s) and I view this photographic exhibit as an education because it reminds me of who I am, from where I came, the way it was, the mistakes we may or may not have made, the way it is today and what we all might expect in the future. It is a great snapshot of us, then and now.

Further, regarding Mrs. [Demaris] Miller’s scare-rant against a bike trail, I am an old, gray-haired woman who for years has ridden many different bike trails in both urban and rural settings, without encountering any scary people. Rarely have I seen trash or litter on bike trails but I have seen many happy users quietly enjoying the out-of-doors and getting much needed exercise as recommended by our doctors. Most jurisdictions have public facilities and most of us have come to enjoy them.

I look forward to being one of the first to ride the new trail when it opens and I invite Mrs. Miller and Mr. Brady to join me and have a little fun. I will provide you with bikes. We will make our doctors very happy. Afterwards I invite you to join me for lunch.

Diane Bruce

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