‘Hiding from the public’

It’s the same old thing. Public servants hiding from the public. Denver Riggleman’s refusal to participate in the Fifth Congressional District Candidates Forum (sponsored by Senior Statesmen of Virginia) is sadly reminiscent of Tom Garrett’s live town hall evasions.

I, for one, am so weary of representatives-of-the-people (or wanna-be representatives) hiding, dodging and obfuscating.

We need leaders in Congress who are willing to face the challenges of the office. This is why I’m voting for Leslie Cockburn in November. Unlike Riggleman, Leslie Cockburn clearly relishes the demands of public service and will represent each of us in Washington with enthusiasm, not excuses.

C. A. Zimmerman

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  1. Do you care Leslie has lied about this and almost everything else? Or are you content with your vote and taking whatever she says at face value?

  2. Sorry, sir……. Denver was not a “ no show “ as the left claims. He was not “ hiding”. In fact, he stated several weeks before this event that he had to be away for his other job. His other job ( working with the DoD at the Pentagon) was slightly more important. He also stated that he looks forward to the opportunity to debate Leslie Cockburn. I believe there are a couple of debates already scheduled? Leslie knew way ahead of time that he would not be there. The whole “ empty chair” routine was all smoke and mirrors. From this story, it looks like you bought it, hook line and sinker. I, for one cannot wait for the debate.

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