Hummingbirds 1, snake 0

“This was a new one for me,” writes former Rappahannock County Sheriff Larry Sherertz, who shoots a mean camera. “We’ve watched the nature series where the river otters gang up on the caymans, intimidating and confusing the predator that eventually retreats without the meal. Something similar happened here yesterday.

A four-foot black snake (named him Blackjack) climbed the tall dogwood next to the deck where the hummingbird feeders hang. We figured out what was going on and so did the birds. This all started about 4 p.m. and continued for hours. The snake explored every branch on the tree and just could not find the perfect strike location. Meanwhile, the little hummers pestered him every time he settled on a branch of his liking. He stayed in the tree during the night and left this morning about 11 a.m. I don’t think he was successful. Wonder how he was going to deal with that pointy beak?”

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