Circuit Court judge expresses concerns to Konick, stopping short of official rebuke

The presiding judge of the Rappahannock Circuit Court, the honorable Jeffrey W. Parker, has expressed his “concerns” to a Rappahannock County government official, David L. Konick, who wrote to a Reva resident to “Go [expletive] yourself and mind your own damn business.”

“Dear Ms. Green,” Judge Parker wrote to Chris Doxzen Green, who writes about Sperryville news for this newspaper. “I am in receipt of 2 packages of materials that you have provided the Court regarding alleged actions of David Konick.

“I have expressed my concerns to Mr. Konick in a separate letter,” he continued. “I have no intention of taking any additional action at this time.”

Judge Parker was in court yesterday and unavailable for comment prior to this newspaper going to press.

The profanity originated from the email account of Konick, who is a member of the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals.

The integrity of the government official, who practices law in Rappahannock County, was questioned by county business owner Audrey Regnery — and subsequently Hampton District Supervisor John Lesinski — during the public comment period of this month’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Regnery, owner of a Washington bed and breakfast, demanded of the supervisors: “I request that a motion be made by one of you to publicly censure this official and that the motion further direct the county to petition the circuit court to suspend this county official from his duties for a significant amount of time or remove him permanently from his position.”

In response to Regnery’s request, Lesinski, upon consultation with Rappahannock County Commonwealth’s Attorney Art Goff, made a motion that the board consider a censure of Konick.

Apart from BOS Vice Chair Chris Parrish, who opined that a formal reprimand would do no good when dealing with Konick, BOS Chair Roger Welch and supervisors Christine Smith and Ron Frazier sat stone faced. Without a second, the motion failed.

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