Does he dream?

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Chilton G. Raiford of Amissville passed away on August 14, 2018 at the age of 95. Grace Raiford of Castleton, an eleventh grader at Rappahannock County High School and a statewide recognized playwright, penned the following homage to her grandfather while she sat with him just a few days before his passing.

The oldest man in the world is dying, and I wonder what he dreams of.

Does he dream of war, of death and bombs and fire?

Does he dream of summer, of sitting on a decaying porch watching jugs of unknown liquid sweeten and making runs to the dump, looking for buried treasure for his grandkids?

Does he dream of his family, of holiday dinners and kisses on cheeks and laughter and his kids and their kids being under one roof?

Does he dream at all?

The oldest man I have ever known is dying.

I don’t really know what he’s dreaming about, and I doubt anyone will.

But whatever it is, I hope it’s good.

And I hope he’s happy.

— Grace Raiford

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