If you build it, they will come

Listening to public comment about the School Connector Trail at the last BOS meeting and hearing people discuss the matter, I think the debate boils down to this: What kind of community do we want to be?

Do we want to provide nearby recreational opportunities for our children? Do we want a safe place for our elderly to walk? Do we want to encourage the Commit to be Fit program in the schools? Do we want to keep the spending that goes with recreation in the county for our merchants? Do we want to enhance school safety by providing a secondary exit? Do we want to enhance outdoor learning and career training opportunities?

Or are we going to be beaten back by fears of even modest change, crime, cost-overruns, and frivolous lawsuits? Most of the concerns that have been raised about the trail have been addressed in the various proposal documents, if people would take time to read them — including an allowance of 30 percent for unanticipated costs and provisions for long-term maintenance.

A group of public-spirited citizens have worked hard and raised the funds to make this trail possible. Come on people, let’s show a little commitment to the general welfare! Build it!

John Beardsley
Flint Hill

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