Roads are for cars, not families on bicycles

Why wouldn’t this county want to get bike riders off the main road? What’s wrong with you that you would rather have bike riders on the main roads going way below the speed limit, causing traffic backups because most people are to afraid to go around them?

I do not live in this county, but I do drive on the roads in this county and many others without bike paths, and there is nothing worse than bike riders on the road. Personally I think that it should be against the law to ride a bike on a road that has a speed limit above 25 miles an hour. Most bike paths I have seen have been very nice; they bring in tourists which brings in money to the county.

Yes there will be people who are trashy and won’t respect your county, but there will be more good people then not. Think about it as a place your residents can take their families to have safe fun.

Gina Moore
Warren County

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  1. People who ride their bikes AND people who are walking, running or walking their dogs have as MUCH RIGHT to be on a road as people who are driving cars. TOO MANY people drive too fast…often above the speed LIMIT. Too many people think Limit means 5 miles above the LIMIT is “ safe”. Slow down…maybe try leaving earlier and enjoy the ride.

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