Crime & Courts

Llama farmer’s lawsuits against county government, taxpayers move forward in court

Stonewall-Hawthorne supervisor Chris Parrish, named in both Bragg cases, observed the Tuesday hearing. Afterward, in a brief interview, Parrish questioned the merits of the case. “David [Konick] said that when he opens his file he says he ‘wonders what this case is all about,’” Parrish said. “It just shows that the case has no merit.” […]

Land Use/Zoning

Public hearing scheduled on tourist home, B&B acreage requirements

The planners will consider whether in Agricultural and Conservation zones the minimum acreage requirement for tourist homes should be two and five acres, respectively, or ten acres in either zone. The commissioners will also consider whether contiguous property belonging to the same owner can be counted toward filling out a too-small lot size for a tourist home. […]

School/Education News

Bynum sees proposed Schools Connector trail as beneficial to children’s safety

In a note to district constituents reminding them of last night’s (Wednesday’s) School Safety Forum at the high school auditorium, during which Superintendent Dr. Shannon Grimsley and sheriff and EMS personnel were to address parents and answer questions, Bynum stated “the trail would provide an alternate exit from school in case of a closure of Rte 211.” […]

Crime & Courts

Judge follows jury lead, sentences Smoot to 8 months for manslaughter

According to his criminal record, Smoot, 48, has been charged with 24 separate criminal offenses since 1993 — a few related to the same case — ranging from accusations of malicious wounding to assault and battery while brandishing a weapon to three cases of driving while intoxicated within a five year period. […]


Conservation funds available to clean up Rappahannock streams

Stream fencing projects typically require a 35 foot stream buffer although a 10 foot buffer is an option also, with a reduction to 50 percent reimbursement. The tax credit applies for this option, too. The primary focus of the state program is the reduction of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment in streams of Rappahannock County and points downstream. […]


National Park Service nominee knows Shenandoah, other Virginia landmarks

“I was pleased to hear that Mr. Vela understands the devastating effects this chronic underfunding can have on an already old and crumbling NPS infrastructure and has vowed to be a partner so we can work with the [Trump] administration to get this done,” said Senator Mark Warner. […]


Significance of Rappahannock history discussed on iconic film’s anniversary

A quarter century later, members of the public, community and historical groups, local government officials, Civil War historians and reenactors alike are joining forces — in Gettysburg, no less — with the makers of the iconic motion picture that recreates one of America’s bloodiest battles, adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel “The Killer Angels.” […]

Letters to the Editor

It takes a village and more

The night of the event there were nearly 100 volunteers working in the barn. How can we thank all of you? You prove how amazing this county is and how much support there is for the Rappahannock Public Schools. And then there was the day after — and turning that barn back into its usual self. The same team that made it all happen spent hours deconstructing. […]

Letters to the Editor

Is the Fix In on Ben Venue Road?

Over the years the Board of Supervisors has repeatedly given Mr. Williams’ operation a pass, while ignoring numerous and detailed complaints. In 2007, with a tremendous amount of opposition and an erroneous designation as a “contractor’s office,”the Board approved Mr. Williams’ application with “a review of the permit experience in five years.” […]

Letters to the Editor

The art of deceit

Instead of the fear mongering that seems rampant here in our county, consider the possibility of redirecting some thinking. Instead of seeing something as an obstacle, think of the perceived obstacle as a puzzle, so it becomes: how can we accomplish this? How can various pieces of the puzzle be resolved to reach or complete the goal or the project in mind? […]


Rappahannock, remainder of Virginia vulnerable to gutted ESA

As a state report tells us, these hundreds of species are “imperiled by the ongoing loss or degradation of their habitats,” and accelerating climate change sharpens the threat. Many populations “are already critically impaired, and their long-term survival is in doubt.” Most of those species at the brink receive little help from our underfunded state natural resource agencies. […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Clark Hollow Ramblings: In the Fall of the Year

The rule book for what you can do and what you can’t do in the hunting woods gets longer and more complicated every year. Is it any wonder more and more people are saying it just isn’t worth it? I fear that by the time my grandchildren are ready to try their hand at hunting it will be a lost tradition. […]


Auctioneering returns to Rappahannock

With Jenkins’ old auctioneering sign as a backdrop, the Thornton River Auction Gallery in Sperryville’s River District will have its inaugural live auction this Saturday, Sept. 29, at 9 a.m., with veteran auctioneer Scott Strosnider of Stephens City calling the bids. […]


Online tree seedling store opens Nov. 1

The Virginia Department of Forestry’s (VDOF) online tree seedling store will open Thursday, Nov. 1, at 10 a.m. Orders may be placed online at or by calling 540-363-7000. If the online store opening is delayed, orders will still be accepted by phone beginning Nov. 1. […]


Sperryville truck restrictions weighed

For whatever reason, semi trucks have been increasingly making their way up Sperryville’s Water Street, which is not equipped to handle their size and weight. “This happened just before noon,” Water Street homeowner Ray Boc wrote last Wednesday when sending these photos. […]


‘An Old Fashioned Christmas’ in store for Rappahannock County

This year the events returns to the first Sunday in the month: December 2nd and the theme will be “An Old Fashioned Christmas.” Now’s the time to round up your posse for the parade, go into high gear on the wonderful items offered in the Artisan’s Market and work on rounding up good weather. […]


A helping hand for those with ailing children

Last Saturday evening, a group of caring Rappahannock citizens attended a broad-ranging discussion of Dr. Joanna Breyer’s path-breaking new book: “When Your Child Is Sick — a Guide to Navigating the Practical and Emotional Challenges of Caring for a Child who is Very Ill. […]


Songwriting weekend, concert at Castleton

This weekend, Friday through Sunday, Sept. 28-30, three musical icons will come together to share the best of themselves, their strengths and their passion for song with you: Join Paul Reisler, Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell and Dietlinde Maazel at the Theatre House in Castleton for a three-day workshop. […]