Just grabbing a bite, thanks

Photo by Mike Millan

“‘Blacksnake’ made an appearance at the eponymously named cabin,” relays Mike Millan of Washington. “He was coming from the porch ceiling and doing a zig zag descent of the French door. Janice (seen here) only uttered a mild eek when confronted with the snake at eye level. I had caught a mouse overnight and was eager to see if the snake showed any interest. I opened the cabinet that held the mouse and trap to gauge the snake’s reaction.

Without hesitation he struck the dead mouse. He put the whole mouse in his mouth, not waiting for me to release it from the trap where it was held securely across it’s middle by the wire of the trap. The snake however was undaunted. He wrapped his muscular body around the trap and pulled the wire through the mouse, separating it into two easily swallowed pieces. He then took his time slithering off beneath the deck. I haven’t seen him since.”

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