Rapp at Home, RappU promoting safety at home

If there’s one place we all want to feel safe and comfortable, it’s at home. But age, injury, and incapacity can rob us of that security and can make activities that used to be simple, difficult and even impossible. If you haven’t had your own such experience, you probably know a family member or friend who has. There are ways to address the problem of homes that aren’t senior or disability-friendly. Some are easy fixes, some are more elaborate.

Rapp at Home and RappU are offering the class, “Safe and Sound at Home” at the RappU classroom in Sperryville on Wednesdays, October 25, November 1 and November 8 at 2 p.m. In this 90-minute class the advisors and the participants will share challenges people face and explore physical changes that can be made to homes to minimize the risk of falls and accidents and make day-to-day life easier.

Architect Yoko Barsky of Washington will lead “Safe and Sound at Home.” Yoko has helped clients make adaptations to their home that allow them to age in place. She recently closed her Washington, D.C. area business concentrating on residential interior renovations. Joining Yoko are local architects Jay Monroe and Rick Lessard and Jim Racer of Racer Construction, among other local residents and caregivers.

The first “Safe and Sound at Home” class will address problems that limit daily function. It will feature a panel: people who have made changes to their homes out of necessity or to plan for future needs, an emergency responder who witnesses the challenges facing those who need rescue squad help. Yoko believes that everyone’s needs are different and should be addressed individually. Most homes don’t need to be totally ADA compliant.

The second session will offer presentations of actual renovations, alterations, and new construction projects. This class will also explore tools that make life easier. Class participants will be asked to bring in small tools and/or photos of items that help make their life easier to share with other students.

The last class will address the particular concerns of class members. Participants will be asked to bring in photos and drawings of the problem areas of their homes and the experts will advise on ways to keep the students “Safe and Sound at Home.”

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