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The C2BF Challenge: ‘Drink more water’

Commit to Be Fit nutritionist Amanda Grove shows off one of the fruit-infused water bottles given to RCPS staff this week. By Holly Jenkins

Commit to Be Fit of Rappahannock County Public Schools kicked off the first installment of their newly revamped community challenge this Tuesday. The theme of the September challenge is “drink more water.” The challenge is open to all Rappahannock residents and/or employees and runs through the end of the month.

For the previous two years, Commit to Be Fit (C2BF) has held six-month challenges for the Rappahannock community. While participants have experienced great success in the prior competitions, with the winning participant losing more than 60 pounds in the first six months, the team felt it was time to restructure the challenge.

“This year we decided to focus on healthy behavior modifications rather than body composition changes,” said C2BF nutritionist Amanda Grove. “Research shows that it takes around 21 days of consistent behavior to create a new habit. Therefore, each month of the challenge will focus on one healthy behavior. By the end of the challenge, our hope is that the participants will have created healthier habits in many different wellness areas.”

While September’s challenge is about increasing hydration levels, upcoming monthly wellness challenges will include topics such as increasing physical activity, eating more vegetables, reducing stress, and even getting more sleep. Unlike the previous challenges that were six month in duration, the new challenge will run for nine months. However, participants are able to compete in the months of their choice rather than committing to the entire challenge.

According to Wellness Integration Specialist Holly Jenkins: “This is a pretty unique challenge, but of course, Commit to Be Fit is a pretty unique program. While it looks simplistic in nature, by the end of the school year, the participants will have developed up to nine different wellness habits that promote healthier living. It’s a pretty brilliant, yet simplistic structure that is beneficial for the community as a whole.”

Increasing water intake was selected for the inaugural monthly theme due to the far reaching health benefits of proper hydration. Jackie Tederick, C2BF Wellness Integration Coordinator, explains, “There are numerous health benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water. Increasing your water consumption promotes healthy weight management, flushes out toxins, boosts your immune system, provides more energy, increases brain power, and more.”

Fruit Infused Friday is a new incentive at both the elementary and high schools, begun as part of the Commit to Be Fit “drink more water” challenge. Courtesy photo

In addition to featuring it in the challenge, C2BF provided RCPS staff with C2BF fruit-infused water bottles at the start of the school year. Also, they implemented a new Fruit Infused Friday incentive for staff at both the elementary and high schools to try a different fruit and water recipe.

For more on the September challenge, visit and print off the activity and log sheets to track your water consumption. Printed copies are also available to be picked up at the school board office. At the end of the month, one participant will win a hydration pack backpack that is useful for hiking, running and bike riding. As always, the challenge is open to the entire Rappahannock community, free of charge.

Commit to Be Fit is a school sponsored, grant-funded program. Through the generosity of the PATH foundation, C2BF was created to help promote healthier lifestyles for students, staff and county residents and employees. Commit to Be Fit is committed to creating a culture of wellness in three key areas: cafeterias, classrooms, and community.

— Holly Jenkins

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