The controversy next door

While we have been debating about the bike trail, citizens in Culpeper County have been debating about whether to build a solar power “farm” on agricultural land. At a hotly contested meeting Tuesday night, the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors voted 6-1 to deny the request by Culpeper North Solar, LLC for approval of a conditional use permit to operate a Utility Scale Solar Generation Facility in the Stevensburg District. Readers chimed in on the Facebook page of our sister paper, the Culpeper Times:

Bill Johnson: The one biggest objection I have, is the proposed facility was to be erected on viable farm crop land. Put the solar array on crappy land or hilly land that is unsuitable for crops. Conserve our farmland, quit destroying it for profits and housing. Heaven only knows, when we destroy all the good farmland, how will we feed the millions more in population than we have today?

Christina Marie: I think solar energy production is a great idea. I wish every home in Culpeper had a rooftop array. I do think that utility scale projects are industrial uses rather than agricultural and should be zoned accordingly. A solar “farm” is no more a farm than a server “farm” is.

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