Bike path backers ‘think we are stupid’

The public hearing on the bike trail proposal proved several things:

1. RappTrails made claims that were intentionally misleading.

2. The trail cannot be built without taxpayer dollars. They don’t even know how much it will cost.

3. It is not a safe trail. We cannot get a proper evaluation of safety from the sheriff until the plan is more complete.

4. It is not an effective escape route for students. We need a school security assessment, with safe escape routes from an expert.

5. RappTrails supporters are condescending toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them and they think we are stupid.

6. RappTrails estimates on maintenance are grossly inaccurate.

7. The Memo of Understanding between RappTrails and the county Board of Supervisors is not a legally-binding document.

8. RappTrails could wiggle out of its 15-year obligation by simply closing down its organization.

9. RappTrails cannot be trusted to tell the whole truth.

Walt Longyear

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