When is the public discussion?

I’m feeling very left out. Last week I read in the Rappahannock News that the Post Office intends to close down in Washington and move to a new location on Bank Road between the Union Bank and the Elementary School. They say it’s for the convenience of large trucks, vans, and trailers. The location is zoned commercial, but once there is a true, large, asphalted shipping and trucking center it takes little imagination to know what will happen next. The commercial zone will expand! Imagine Front Royal.

Months ago a man from the Federal Government gave a talk at Town Hall to say he was looking into what to do about our post office. END OF DISCUSSION. If a fast food restaurant were proposed at School House Road, right now, you can be sure there would be public discussion.

Has the federal Post Office reached out to anyone other than Jimmie DeBergh and Jim Miller? No input from county officials, VDOT, the school system, the Sheriff’s Office, fire and rescue, or YOU and ME.

This new facility will have a HUGE impact on the future of ALL of Rappahannock County. It is the kind of commercial development that citizens of Rappahannock County have guarded against for decades. Who is this federal Post Office official who can change the character of this county that has been protected by so many, for so long?

What will the building look like? What about nighttime security lighting and the impact on our dark skies? Do the people of Sperryville and Boston think their local post offices won’t be swallowed up once this large new facility is built? What about the truck delivery three times a day: circa 6:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 4 p.m.? Coming from east of the location, the trucks will have to turn left at School House Road at times when the school buses will be entering and exiting the school via School House Road.

Shouldn’t this have at least as much public discussion as a bike trail or a cell phone tower?

Sarah Walton


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