The art of deceit

Instead of the fear mongering that seems rampant here in our county, consider the possibility of redirecting some thinking. Instead of seeing something as an obstacle, think of the perceived obstacle as a puzzle, so it becomes: how can we accomplish this? How can various pieces of the puzzle be resolved to reach or complete the goal or the project in mind? It is then that various solutions start to appear. Let’s redirect our thinking to move forward and solve that puzzle in front of us and continue to work together positively to continue to make our beloved Rappahannock County the vibrant and thriving home we want and can actually have.

One way we can grow economically is to continue to encourage new businesses by welcoming them, not treating them as somehow criminals sometimes, which unfortunately happened recently. As to the fearmongering, I think about the art of deceit. Making up an example without verifiable facts and then drawing from that, stating that a hugely horrible immediate amount of money is an immediate action about to happen . . .

We don’t live in the land of absolutes here. It’s not an either/or. Rather it’s neighbors helping neighbors as we Rappahannock County citizens have been doing for years through all of our economic highs and lows.

Sheila Gresinger

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