‘No Bike Trail’ signs non-conforming

The Rappahannock County Zoning Ordinance discusses temporary signs in Article XII Signs — § 170-102. The “No Bike Trail” signs fit the definition of temporary (§ 170-93), are not political (§ 170-102D), and have been displayed for more than thirty days (§170-102A).

They should come down.

On Sept. 17, 2018, I asked the Zoning Administrator if she agreed. She has not responded.

Page Glennie is executive director of Rappahannock Citizens for Community Empowerment (RCCE). I asked Page by email whether RCCE had anything to do with the signs. He said no.

Page was seen handing out “No Bike Trail” signs, I assume as a private citizen, not as a representative of RCCE.

The RCCE website says its “purposes and aims are to . . . increase knowledge, understanding, and respect [for]” the Rappahannock County Zoning Ordinance.

I encourage Mr. Glennie and RCCE to demonstrate their own knowledge, understanding, and respect for the Zoning Ordinance by encouraging the public to remove the signs.

Hal Hunter

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  1. I think people may have missed the point. It appeared to me. that this piece was satire, addressing the matter of the Welcome to Sperryville sign being declared illegal. In other words, its just as ridiculous to call the No Bike Trail signs illegal as that sign.
    The No Hate signs appeared in response to Klan leafletting here. I saw them in Culpeper even before that.

  2. I can perfectly understand Mr. Pagano’s point on this. This is not only a political issue here
    in Rappahannock, but perhaps it is a defining political issue, one that will might well determine
    our future direction. I proudly displayed a “NO BIKE TRAIL” sign, and will put it up again when the
    issue next comes before the BOS. I have nothing against bike trails and have ridden many a mile
    on them, but in my opinion, this particularly scheme is absurdly ludicrous.

    I wonder if Hal Hunter felt the same way about the omnipresent “Hate Has No Home Here” signs. Frankly, I’ve never
    encountered the kind of “hate” in Rappahannock that would justify such a widespread warning.
    It smelled of sanctimony and self-righteousness to me. But then bigotry is an easy target, especially
    if you don’t actually have to confront it on a daily basis. The closest thing I’ve seen to hatefulness
    around here has been the behavior of those Bike Trail proponents who continually direct haughty
    bile at the opponents, tear down those NO BIKE TRAIL signs, and refer to the natives here as “You people”…..

  3. in what way do you, Mr. Hunter, determine that the No Bike Trail Signs aren’t political? Is that because they aren’t associated with a “party”? Or is it simply on your “say so”?

    The issues regarding the Bike Trail ARE political issues UNTIL the item is removed from the “table”; which is where the BOS placed them pending further action. You know full well that standard parliamentary procedures hold that items placed on the “table” pending further action are still technically active.

    Does your high horse still not lift you high enough to see that?

    I wonder how rejecting the fact that the issue is, in deed, still quite “political” best serves the County residents.

    Would the esteemed Mr. Hunter allow that perhaps his own self determined judgement might be a limited, even incorrect, point of view?

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