Can’t make this stuff up

National Security official, posing as llama farmer, uncovers local tabloid’s plot to sabotage her Farm Tour Day.

Same ‘National Security’ official purports to read fellow taxpayers’ minds and files frivolous lawsuits on their behalf, costing the very taxpayers she was “protecting” tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. (She didn’t ask me).

Local county official accused of conducting secret drone operations in an attempt to spy on neighbors. Accusations are categorically denied and accuses the accuser of making threats against him and his drone.

Another county official and local attorney accused of having ‘potty mouth’ will be made to sit in the corner if his lewdness continues.

Outraged local resident continues to be outraged and will continue to be outraged in the future, no matter what.

And finally, someone has researched the legality of the much ballyhooed ‘No Bike Trail’ signs littering the county. The signs were determined to be both illegal and ugly.

You can’t make this stuff up folks! Have a great week.

Mark Raiford

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  1. Right there with you, Mark. I guess the only thing folks like us can do is sit back and enjoy the show that all these knuckleheads are putting on.

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