Kavanaugh from all sides

“I just got back from voting against Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. No question, this was a hard fight for all of us. I can’t tell you how you are supposed to feel right now — for me, frustrated doesn’t begin to describe it.”

— Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia Democrat

“I am deeply disappointed that the Senate has rushed to confirm Judge Kavanaugh without a complete investigation into the serious allegations against him. A five day investigation that featured interviews with a handful of people, while ignoring dozens of witnesses who were willing to cooperate, and a secret report whose contents could not even be discussed with the public convinces many that the entire goal was to ignore the serious charges.

“Over 150 sexual assault survivors have reached out to me to say they are dismayed by the Senate’s actions, they struggle to see empathy in the eyes of their leaders, and they now fear no one would take them seriously if they came forward with their own stories. I want them and all survivors to know this: You don’t need to suffer in silence. You deserve to be taken seriously. You deserve to be listened to.”

— Sen. Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrat

“Senator Tim Kaine and the Dems tried to destroy a good man with mob tactics and failed. It’s payback time.”

— Corey Stewart, 2018 Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate

“The Republican Party of Virginia is elated that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States. We’re proud of his persistence and courage in the face of attempted character assassination by the Democrats. Kavanaugh will make an excellent Justice.

“Unsurprisingly, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner put the agendas of their party bosses before the best interests of Virginians. From day one, Democrats promised resistance and obstruction, offering no substantive solutions or compromises.”

— Jack Wilson, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

“Make no mistake, Kavanaugh’s confirmation puts hard-won rights at stake. Virginia will not give up the fight — thank you Mark Warner and Tim Kaine for demonstrating that every day.”

— Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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