Health issues this midterm election

Very important issues are riding on this election and they have to do with your pocketbook. The candidates have very different approaches to them.

The immense tax cuts that the Republicans have given the corporations have not resulted in wage increases for ordinary Americans, but they sure have caused the deficit to balloon.

Congressional candidate Denver Riggleman follows the Republican line in saying he will slash that deficit. How? Their plan is to force a cut in spending on Social Security and on Medicare.

Additionally, in spite of its popularity among Americans, Riggleman wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with basically the system we had before, a system that had already proven to be expensive and that left millions without any coverage at all.

Yes, he also talks about health savings accounts, without any details, so that it isn’t possible to judge whether they could even remotely work.

So, attacking the ACA, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid continues to be the Republican — and Riggleman’s — position.

In contrast, Leslie Cockburn wants to strengthen the best parts of the Affordable Care Act, and to work towards Medicare for all, thus protecting people from the risks of devastating health care costs leading to bankruptcy. Leslie will work for a fair system that covers all Americans.

Linda Croxson

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