Those who make America strong

On Saturday, we went to a close friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was a Cambodian wedding with traditional dress, music, songs, prayers, and rituals. It was beautiful and moving. At the reception, we sat with a friend of the family, a journalist who had covered the U.S. involvement in Cambodia. After the U.S. left Cambodia, our friend’s family were among the many placed in forced labor camps. Some of her family died or were murdered, but those who survived came to the U.S., sponsored by this man and another journalist.

We recognized his name — he had spoken at our friend’s father’s funeral. He spoke movingly about how much her father had done, including saving his life while putting his own at great risk. On Saturday night, he commented that this is why we should support refugees. The room was full of refugees and their children. The parents had taken whatever jobs necessary to support their families. Now, their children are American, many have gone to college and graduate school and are now beginning their own careers. One of our friend’s children joined the Marines.

This is the America that makes us strong. This is the America that Leslie Cockburn believes in. She believes in comprehensive immigration reform, not a wall. She believes in honoring our commitments. She believes in affordable education for all. She will work for everyone in the 5th, not just those who support her. On November 6th, we will vote for Leslie Cockburn for Congress.

Kit Goldfarb
Dan Lanigan


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