Down Memory Lane for Nov. 1

June 22, 1978

Heavy rains, hail and a twister assaulted the Amissville area Monday afternoon resulting in damage to buildings and trees and cutting off electric service for five hours. The first storm occurred about 3 p.m. with heavy rain and winds. Shortly after 4 a howling twister blew in.

A portion of the Amissville Methodist Church roof was ripped off by the twister, wrapped around a tree. A barn on the Lewie Smith property lost its roof, while trees were uprooted in E. G. Hackley’s yard, that of Capt. L. B. Stuart and many others, including the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Paul, where the roof was crushed. A trailer housing the office of a construction company building the new highway was swept from the cinder block supports and overturned about 15 feet away.

The Amissville Baptist Church was damaged and a sign at Bel Air Restaurant was splintered. Amissville residents all agreed that it was a harrowing experience, and they would not like a second performance.

Meanwhile, the Rappahannock County School Trustee Electoral Board unanimously re-appointed Walter Masterson to a four-year term on the School Board. About 100 persons attended the meeting in the elementary school auditorium with support divided between Masterson, Irvin Kenyon and Sharon Kilpatrick.

Before the trustees opened the floor to statements from the audience, chairman E. E. “Ned” Johnson invited School Board chairman Beverly Massie to address the group. Prefacing her remarks by noting that she wasn’t soliciting support for any particular candidate, Mrs. Massie asked the community to stand behind Rappahannock’s school system.

Acknowledging that the schools had problems, she said the relationship between the schools and the community was similar to the relationship between two people in marriage — “you need your partner in good times as well as in bad.”

Feb. 8, 1979

The little business on the corner of Route 211 and the Old Hollow road has a new look, a new name and new owners.

Don Keithley was in the market for a small business here in Rappahannock when he noticed the “for sale” sign on Atkins’ service station and fruit stand. “He’d been looking for quite a few years, not necessarily for a grocery store but for any small shop,” said Arlene Keithley.

The Keithley’s purchased the business and went to work on the main building. They added a shelf island in the middle, shelves in the back, dairy cases, soda coolers and an ice cream case and then reopened last fall as Old Hollow Grocery and Gift Shop.

The new sign across the front of the store captures the spirit of the county with a painting of Rappahannock’s mountains. The artwork wasn’t really planned. Mrs. Keithley said something was needed to cover up the Coca-Cola emblems at each end of the sign. “We thought it might be nice to do mountain scenes,” she explained.

Old Hollow Grocery is a three generation family operation.

Personnel changes in county offices include a new Deputy Clerk and new Deputy Treasurer.

Karen L. Bear of Washington has accepted a position in the Rappahannock County Clerk’s Office as Deputy to Clerk Diane Bruce. She fills the position recently vacated by the retirement of Eva L. Smith of Flint Hill.

Karen, a native of Hershey, Pa., whose family moved to Washington, D.C. and then to Fairfax County when she was 2, attended and graduated from Fairfax County High School. She was employed in a secretarial position with the U.S. government and also in private industry before coming to Rappahannock County in 1968 with her husband William, and children Chad 9 and Eric 13. They lived near Amissville and then purchased a home on Fodderstack Road in Washington.

Susan Curtis Collins of Washington fills the position of Deputy in the office of Frances Foster, Treasurer of Rappahannock. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis and granddaughter of Hugh Jack Racer, all of Washington.

Susan is a native of Washington, D.C.m attended Surrattsville High School in Clinton, Md. and the University of Maryland in College Park. She was formerly employed with Mutual of New York as an administrative assistant.