Greed and greatness irreconcilable

Last week you may have read a fondly written tribute by Richard Brady and the obituary for “Louie” Miller. He was a good man.

Louie spent the last night of his life writing postcards to Democrats urging them to vote. He was appalled by the 2016 election of a man who regularly stiffed workers in his employ, is proudly a white nationalist, puts personal profit above all, blatantly lies, denigrates the disabled, demonizes the media, encourages violence against his opponents and is, above all, intent on redistributing income to the wealthy. A man who is not held back by ethics.

How could this man be president? This is not the America that Louie fought to defend. He didn’t foresee that a money-crazed charlatan could coerce an unbalanced Congress to destroy the foundations of America — a country built by immigrants, providing sanctuary to the persecuted and offering equal opportunity.

He was perplexed, as am I, by middle-class voters agreeing to have their health care taken away and accepting the promise of reduced Social Security so that corporate America and the wealthy could have a tax break.

Greed and greatness are irreconcilable; greatness doesn’t come from me first. The great country we once were is being replaced by The Hunger Games. This election may be our last gasp chance to restore order and reason. Please vote a Democratic ticket.

Sally Haynes

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