Hold your ears and vote

Steve and I went to vote ‘absentee, in person’ yesterday at the Registrar’s Office in Washington. Before we even got close to the Courthouse, there was a terrible racket from a jackhammer.

Turns out they are tearing up the handicapped access ramp to the Courthouse, which is right outside the door of the Registrar’s Office. I had to hold my ears to walk to the office and then once inside it was just as loud as outside.

Besides making it downright painful to be in the space, it was incredibly hard to concentrate on reading the two constitutional amendments that are on the ballot. As awful as it was for me, and the other 160-plus voters who had already been in that day, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it was for the folks who work in the office. At least I could leave after voting — they had to bear it all day! They can’t even wear earplugs because they are trying to serve our county’s voters.

My question is, why couldn’t that demolition work wait until after the election? Would another couple of weeks have really mattered? This is not a good way to support the county’s voters or the process in general. The people in the Registrar’s Office are working very hard and are in the thick of it right now. The timing of this work makes no sense at all.

Tanya Paull

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