Peddling divisiveness and fear

I’m sure that Denver Riggleman is a decent guy — despite his threat to “clothesline Progressives.” Despite calling himself a right-wing “nut-job extremist.” Despite his pledge to join the hard-right Freedom Caucus in Congress, and sealing the deal with over $160,000 from their PAC, the House Freedom Fund (and $5000 from the libertarian Koch brothers).

Despite his war cry against taxes, after making a career and a fortune on the taxpayers’ dime as a military contractor. And despite him saying that decent affordable healthcare is not a basic human right, and him not paying health benefits to his hard-working campaign staff.

I’m sure he’s a decent guy despite all that. But I’m tired of politicians peddling divisiveness and fear. I’m sick of sending politicians to Washington who campaign for their own self-interests. Those are not our interests in the 5th District of Virginia.

“Service over self” in Congress is Leslie Cockburn’s pledge, and it’s why I’m voting for her on November 6th.

Mary-Sherman Willis
Chair, Rappahannock County Democratic Committee

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