Cockburn’s ‘key’ role in blue wave

Many thanks to Leslie Cockburn for expending the energy and making the personal sacrifice in running for Congress. Democrats got a lot out of it. It enlivened the local party, it gave direction and purpose. She energized us. It would have been a great finish if she had won, but the legacy she has given will live on in spirit and in the physical organization she inspired us to build. Democrats shouldn’t be discouraged because we have seen the effect we can have. We are newly defined.

Leslie’s effect was not limited to Rappahannock or even the 5th. The Leslie effect contributed to the success of other Democrats. Leslie was a key part of the wave. While I am disappointed in the 5th’s results, I am very happy with the takeover of the House. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that checks and balances are going to be restored, checks on the impulsive and ill considered actions of the petulant man/child in chief.

Going forward we must be a force to hold the new congressman to his campaign promises, not the least of which are backing of pre-existing conditions and family planning options.

Mike Millan

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