Gratitude at the Heart of the Art Tour

Comments from artists, visitors, local residents and businesses proclaim the 14th Fall Art Tour to have been a great success. What’s not to love about the Tour, RAAC’s premier community event, as it brings together people from near and far to celebrate the importance of art in our lives and the extraordinary talents and range of artists in Rappahannock.

It is important to recognize all who created this remarkable event and made it so enjoyable for visitors. First, those dedicated members of the planning committee that started to work in the Spring to organize, design, promote, equip, and set-up all aspects of the event: Tim Ayers, Barbara Black, Matthew Black, Patricia Brennan, Jennifer Tepper Heverly, Bob Hurley, Nancy Keyser, Ron Makela, Bud Meyers, Tod Morgan, Ann Stenner, Charlotte Taylor, Joyce Wenger, and Mike Wenger. Bill Pragluski, our graphics designer, beautifully realized our new “branding” effort in posters, banners, stickers, and other materials. Jennifer Tepper Heverly created our new website, and social media to expand our promotional range and community network with the Artisan Trail. Special thanks to Sally Haynes and Patricia Brennan for bringing the Tour and Trail together.

The Main Gallery was spectacular, with artworks displayed by the largest number of studios and galleries. Ron Makela was design and lighting master. Ann Stenner, Kathy Coughlin and Lorraine Duisit planned and created the visual and culinary feast for the Friday night reception. Volunteers included Ralph Bates, Barbara Black, Matthew Black, Pat Burke, Tammy Gill, Bob Hurley, Tod Morgan, Andy Platt, Erin Platt, and Pete Stenner.

Rappahannock County Elementary and High Schools, Belle Meade Montessori, and Wakefield Country Day and the work from Rappahannock Senior Center added a special element for Tour-goers. Our thanks to the talented students and teachers Becky Glass, Amy Grady, Joy Richardson, Kerrie Mullany, and Barbara Heile. Rappahannock seniors provided hot drinks and baked treats.

Cheers and thanks to weekend volunteers including Dave Alberswerth, Yoko Grigorovich Barsky, Barbara Black, Matthew Black, Pat Burke, Danny Chauncey, Karen Crow, Kathy Eggers, Mike Ferrell, Mimi Ginsburg, Emily Harris, Bob Hurley, Eryn Hurley, Hope Hurley, Howie Kelly, Sheila Lamb, Heidi Lesinski, John Lesinski, Bette Mahoney, Mike Mahoney, Ron Makela, Jennifer Manly, Tod Morgan, Bud Meyers, Pete Pazmino, Beth Plentovich, Dick Raines, Nancy Raines, Cary Ridder, Sean Ruberg, Ann Stenner, Pete Stenner, Susan Stolzman, Julia Thieriot, Mary Jo Vrem, Joyce Wenger, Mike Wenger, Ann Wohlers, Theresa Wood, and John Ydstie.

Finally, our utmost gratitude for their essential support goes to the Sponsors who were unsurpassed in their numbers and generosity this year. They were recognized on the impressive banners hanging at the entrance of the Gallery. Special thanks goes to The Washington School, LLC for their significant in-kind donation, logistical support, and superb venue.

Heather Wicke
Art Tour Planning Committee chair

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