Nobody like Nol

By Forrest Marquisee

A packed Little Washington Theatre crowd paid tribute Sunday afternoon to renowned Rappahannock metalsmith Nol Putnam, while being treated to the premiere screening of “Forging Art — Nol Putnam, Artist Blacksmith,” a documentary of Nol’s myriad achievements directed and produced by Rappahannock filmmakers Matthieu and Tracy Mazza, seen here with the honoree.

By Matthieu Mazza.

Additional documentary credits include Louis Celano, editor; Juliette Mazza, second camera; original music score Karen Johnson, C flute and bass flute, and Christopher Brown, electric bass and synthesizer. In the second photo, from left, event moderator Theresa Wood and Q&A host Max Richtman speak about Nol and his faithful companion, Jack.

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