‘Come heres’ ruining life for ‘come heres’

Some of you “come heres” are making it unpleasant for us “come heres” who’ve been here for 30 and 40 years and tried to blend in and enjoy the Rappahannock life.

Butch Zindel

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  1. This conversation reminds me of a morning in 2006 when a “deputy” was rummaging through my legal papers as I was going through “security” at the Fauquier “court” house. He said to me, “Weeeell, you’re not from around here now are ye ?” To which I replied to this “deputy,” “That’s funny I wonder why my grandmother is buried up the road.”

  2. Mr. Zindel,
    I read your sentence and kept clicking around to find the rest of the “letter” only to discover that your one sentence is the letter! Would you mind clarifying something for me? Is a “come here” a person born, raised and has lived here all their life? But what if their parents came from elsewhere? What is the cut off? 30 years? 40? 15? 6? 50? In addition, “making it unpleasant” is extraordinarily vague.
    Mr. Ridley,
    Of course, “the old, original, real Rappahannock families are a shrinking.” Regardless of whether they are original or real, old people die. The county has been very clear about limiting growth and development. The children of the old, original and real generally need to move elsewhere for employment. You and Mr. Zindel appear to share a fondness for ambiguity. What does “same types who are infesting the country” mean?
    Come on, guys! I bet the old and real didn’t beat around the bush when they wrote a letter to the editor.

  3. Butch is exactly right. With only a few rare exceptions , my family & friends in the County simply don’t associate with the “come here’s “, & maintain a healthy distance from those we are forced to deal with. As a group, the “ come here’s “ have definitely lowered the quality of life in Rappahannock County.

    Sadly, the old, original, real Rappahannock families are a shrinking minority in the County. We are being replaced by the same types who are infesting the country in general…. wherever you go. My suggestion is to just try to ignore them as much as possible, & resist them politically, economically, & socially.

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