Female bears as surrogate moms for orphan cubs proves successful

GPS radio-collars are linked to satellites that transmit location data to the biologists. Four of these females currently have approximately 10 month old cubs with them and three to four are expected to have cubs this winter. Using wild female bears as surrogate mothers for orphan cubs has been a successful practice in Virginia. Female bears are excellent mothers and will readily raise orphan cubs. […]


A hunting he will go

Delegate Michael Webert, who represents Rappahannock County and the rest of the 18th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, describes himself as a “farmer and avid hunter,” and he certainly displayed the latter skill this past week. […]


Following our better angels

The night I met President Bush, he led off his remarks by observing the fact that his wife was unable to join us. He said “you know everywhere I go people always ask me where’s Barbara, where’s Barbara” and his response, “Well, what about me, what about me, I was President?” We of course all laughed. […]

Letters to the Editor

Severe cold impacted stink bugs, wildlife

I have been tracking the abundance of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs since they arrived in my area in the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century. I have also tracked the abundance of the Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle and many other organisms over the course of decades. I don’t believe Professor Pfeiffer is correct in his assessment of this situation. […]

Letters to the Editor

Appreciates the News

A disturbing recent statistic from the University of North Carolina School of Journalism: More than 500 newspapers in rural communities have closed or merged since 2004. There are many counties in the United States that now have no local newspaper at all. […]


I owe how much?

Rappahannock County taxpayers had until yesterday (Wednesday, Dec. 5) to pay their 2018 real estate and personal property taxes. This year’s tax bills reflect an overall three cents increase in the real estate tax for a total of seventy-three cents per one-hundred dollars of assessed value. […]

Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Rappahannock County

I always say that it takes a county to put on Christmas in Little Washington. The day benefits the Rappahannock Food Pantry and first in line for thanks are the wonderful folks who sponsored the event: John and Beverly Sullivan, Cliff and Christine Mumm, Bill and Sarah Walton, John and Traci Jacquemin, Butch Zindel (Rappahannock Real Estate), Kevin Adams and Jay Brown, Denise Chandler (Country Places Realty), Tula’s, Judy DeSarno and the Rappahannock News. […]


And the Christmas Parade winners are . . .

Little Washington Christmas Parade judges had a particularly difficult time choosing the best of the participants this year, according to parade organizer Judy DeSarno. “Rappahannockians outdid themselves with creativity and enormous talent and enthusiasm,” DeSarno observes. “You’ll note some new categories — the judges’ prerogative — because it was just a fabulous lineup.” […]

Washington Column

Washington column for Dec. 6

For those who haven’t finished their Christmas shopping, check out August Georges, R.H. Ballard, Inn at Little Washington Gift Shop, Geneva Welch Gallery, Rare Finds, Middle Street Gallery, Gay Street Gallery and more; Washington VFD Christmas breakfast on Dec. 15; and a few locals head up to the Big Apple. […]