Climbing over Trump’s ‘Great Wall’

Frank Reynolds

In my opinion, we Democrats, and those Republicans who do not blindly follow Trumpism instead of historic Republican principles, have a golden opportunity in the next few days. The President is threatening another government shutdown unless the Democrats fall into line with his immigration policies and authorize his “Great Wall,” as he has called it.

Some Democrats are threatening to block any attempt to prevent a government shutdown unless Congress passes a bill to protect the Mueller investigation. Others, Democrats and Republicans, want progress on a new immigration bill which includes protections for the “dreamers,” also known as the DACA situation.

Our legislators have a chance to finally make something happen in Congress, after many years of inaction with few exceptions. Compromise has become an endangered, and seldom used, policy, and it has resulted in mostly inaction, and that is a prime reason for the election of Donald J. Trump.

Those of us who feel that the Mueller investigation is in danger of being stopped, or weakened, by the President’s newly appointed, but not confirmed, Attorney General, want legislation passed to prevent Trump, or his lackeys, from firing Mr. Mueller. It appears that a majority of the Senate and the House support such a bill being passed; but Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell will not allow the bill to come to the Senate floor for a vote.

Likewise, it appears that a large majority of both houses of the legislature are in favor of a law which allows the Dreamers, those who came here illegally as children with their parents, to gain citizenship, but that legislation has been mired in partisanship which prevents it coming to a vote.

The President’s favorite campaign program, the “Wall,” is still at the forefront of his mind, and he insists that his five billion dollar program for the Wall should be approved, or risk a government shutdown.

Democrats, and intelligent Republicans, this is your chance. Democrats, you need to let Mueller do his job and don’t obsess on Trump’s impeachment, which may or may not happen anyway. To be shown to the citizens as the best choice, you need to pass necessary legislation, help the Dreamers, protect Mueller, present an infrastructure improvement bill, and present an immigration bill that shows you are not for “open borders.”

Here is my suggestion, liberal anti-Trump Democrat that I am: Give Trump his stupid, ineffectual Wall! But require that, for approval of his five billion dollar program, the bill to protect the Mueller investigation be passed, and that a DACA protection bill be passed. Aren’t those two bills worth more than five billion dollars, which will probably never be spent? Use Trump’s ego as a sop to get something done, and then we Democrats can take credit for it.

If Trump vetoes the legislation, then so be it, and let him explain it to Mueller and to the people in 2020, if he lasts that long. If he vetoes it, there is a reasonable chance that his veto could be overridden.

It is more important to get some meaningful legislation passed than to narrow mindedly oppose this boondoggle of a medieval Wall that is supposed to solve the immigration problem. If his Wall is funded, it will not be fully built before Trump runs for re-election in 2020, if he lasts that long. So, the new President could redirect those funds to something that could be helpful to our country.

The Wall is unimportant, if we can accomplish something much more meaningful. Let Ozymandias have his edifice.

The writer, who practices law in the county seat of Washington, resides in Castleton.

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