Redirecting the conversation

Sheila Gresinger

A simple phrase from a service this month at Trinity Church caught my attention: “Let the treacherous be disappointed in their schemes.”

How does this fit into the ways of the holiday season now upon us?

Some take the time before their particular holiday this month to reflect on the past year, to take stock of things done well, others not so much, and then aspirations for new ways to improve both our lives and those of others, if and when possible.

I’ve told my children and others that I listen to what people say and then I watch what they do. So, in the spirit of the season, I hope that many will think of words spoken, actions taken, and explore how behaviors might take new paths that will be able to benefit as many living here as possible.

One person commented recently on a listserv thread about the need for cell towers/better communication capabilities — that she had figured out what system her family needed and installed it, so they didn’t need any more cell towers and didn’t want them in the landscapes here.

OK for her, with a job providing plenty of money for her decisions and comfort, but what about the rest of the residents in our county? This seems to just dismiss the proven needs of our volunteer fire & rescue people. Looming on our horizon is the real possibility of paid staff for these services which will most assuredly lead to higher taxes.

Another poster on a local listserv commented that she didn’t want more children in our schools as that would lead to higher taxes. A few years ago, another group protested vehemently against vacant buildings being rehabilitated to be used for a few new businesses in our local town.

Shortsighted small treacheries, in my opinion, which can lead to the real death of the life we want here. We will never have most of the vibrant apple industries or Aileen plant jobs again, but we can adapt to the new needs which have arisen as the inevitable changes have come to us.

I talked to a young man last night who moved here a while back with his wife, found a place to rent with sufficient yard for them to provide a wonderful life for their two small children. They are enjoying Rappahannock and the opportunities they have discovered. We need to figure out how to attract more like them, as well as keeping the upcoming generations already here, as they are our enthusiastic and hard working future.

So when you hear conversations saying what we can’t do, what some don’t want us to have for the quality of life a civilized society wants for its common good, please redirect the conversation of those naysayers to what actions are they taking to resolve situations, how can we work together to achieve the needs that are here now and the ones that will surely appear as change continues to come.

Let the treacherous be disappointed in their schemes and let this season be bright with the anticipation of joyous times together for the benefit of as many as possible here in this spectacular county we are lucky enough to call home.

The writer lives in Washington

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  1. Wonderfully said, Sheila! And ever so insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write this on behalf of our community. Your voice matters and I admire your thoughtfulness.

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