Three cheers for VDOT

As a resident of one of Virginia’s many rural roads, I would like to give thanks for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

2018 has brought unprecedented weather. March’s destructive windstorm toppled trees and utility poles and draped power lines across the roads. After this came months of repeated torrential rains. Rains flooded streams, blocked and undermined culverts, and turned roads into rivers.

Storm after storm, VDOT was there — with amazing speed. After the windstorm, VDOT employees and contractors worked day and night, wielding chainsaws and heavy equipment to clear safe passages. When downpours destroyed highways, VDOT workers assessed the damage late at night and were there the next morning. They restored miles of roads within days. When a stream moved onto the road, VDOT created a new stream bed to divert it. Storm after storm washed gravel from rural roads; VDOT trucks brought more.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a responsive, skilled, and professional team maintaining our roads. Thank you to everyone at VDOT!

Eve Bargmann

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