Inn at Little Washington is fifth best restaurant in the world — so say the French!

“La Liste,” the French guide to the world’s best restaurants, has published the top 1,000 best restaurants in the world for 2019.

You know where this is going, right?

The Inn at Little Washington has received a score of 98.75, making it the fifth highest ranked restaurant in the world and the third highest rated in North America.

The Guide was created by France’s Foreign Ministry using a unique approach of compiling numerous evaluations from multiple sources, including The Guide Michelin, The Forbes Travel Guide and the Zagat Survey, as well as online customer reviews.

The Inn was the only restaurant included on La Liste’s top 25 restaurants from the Washington D.C. and Mid-Atlantic region.

“All of us here are delighted with this exciting news and the dramatic forward momentum” said Patrick O’Connell, Chef/Proprietor of The Inn.

The Inn is now in its 40th year, and has been a culinary destination since it opened in 1978. This year, The Guide Michelin awarded The Inn its coveted 3 Stars, which helped it climb from 96.4 in last year’s La Liste ratings to its current position.

Among its many other accolades, The Inn has received five James Beard Awards including Best Restaurant in America and Best Chef in the US, and received 3 stars from Michelin in the Washington DC Guide for 2019. It is the longest tenured Forbes 5 Star restaurant in America.

— John McCaslin

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  1. I have enjoyed the Inn about once a year for the past 20 years or so. It has always been a delightful overall experience and over the years some of the best food experiences of my life. I will say, that the last time I went it was not quite as great as the time before, however, it was still wonderful. Hopefully they just had an off night. Still my favorite restaurant in the world.

  2. I was able to eat at Little Washington a month or so ago. I don’t care about the price of of a meal as long as it’s warranted. I didn’t think Little Washington provided much value. The service was off and at times a little bothersome and distracting. Most of the food was good, with one of the dishes being the best I’ve ever had, but the subpar dish and service were such detractors that I left feeling very underwhelmed. When comepared to other, lower rated restaurants, little washing just didn’t live up to the hype for me. Maybe they only bring their A game for critics.

  3. The Little Inn of Washington is the most over-rated place to eat in the entire country. I have lived in Europe for over twenty years and have dined at many Michelin rated restaurants. The “little inn” is totally overrated–the wine list is the most expensive that I’ve ever seen and the service is considered ok, but the servers just repeat rote memory crap about the food they are bringing which is soul-less.
    We went there a dozen years ago and it was great…now it’s living on a by-gone reputation…..DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY THERE.

  4. Fun for a one time, overpriced meal. Charming in fact. But we have had better meals in a small restaurant in Verona, Italy and Keenland, KY.

    • How much would you pay to go to the moon? Same price as an airline ticket? You are not comparing de pommes avec de pomme. I don’t think you understand that the IALW is not about a meal–it’s an experience. And how much would it cost to go to Verona, Italy to dine at your favorite place?

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