The lighted cross will guide the way

Thomas Lewis, 74, of Sperryville encourages Rappahannock residents, especially children, to come and experience his magical Christmas wonderland. By Ray Boc

“I want to celebrate Christmas, that’s why I do this.” So says Thomas Lewis of his home at 938 Woodward Road in Sperryville, its surroundings magically transformed every December into a Christmas wonderland.

For the last 20-plus years, the 74-year-old Lewis has brought us multiple crèches with Wise Women and Men, animals with bobbing heads, handcrafted candy canes 15 feet tall, Santas that sway in the wind, and oh, the Christmas trees!

“I would have more, but my electrician won’t let me,” this kind gentleman quips.

Unless you live on Lewis’ sparsely populated road, you would have no reason to drive to his house. Yet he welcomes you to come share in his winter holiday celebration. The lighted cross on the tallest tree will guide you there.

Bring the children and grandchildren, mindful of their safety that these displays are secured by black string and ropes.

— Barbara Adolfi

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  1. Thank you so much, Mr. Lewis, for the wonderful display! There are so many fun things to see. The kiddos – including the adult “kiddos” – just loved it. And thank you to RappNews and Ms. Adolfi for covering this story. As noted, we wouldn’t have had reason to drive to Mr. Lewis’ house otherwise. Such a treat to be treasured. Happy holidays!

  2. Mr Lewis’s whole place is just amazing. He is too, always a smile and a wave as you go by when he’s out working in his yard.

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