School news for Jan. 10

Aloha, Commit to be Fit!

Commit to Be Fit was honored to be invited as speakers at the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) Conference on Education 2019 on January 5th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Wellness Integration Specialist Holly Jenkins presented “Commit to Be Fit: A Three-Pronged Approach to Creating a Culture of Wellness” on behalf of fellow teammates, Jackie Tederick and Amanda Butler.

School systems around the world are impressed with Rappahannock County’s Commit to Be Fit program, as witnessed during Wellness Integration Specialist Holly Jenkins’ appearance in Hawaii this past week. By Holly Jenkins

During the presentation, Holly presented program initiatives in each of the 3Cs: cafeteria, classroom, and community. In addition, she shared budget friendly strategies for easy replication in classrooms around the globe.

According to Jenkins, “It was an amazing opportunity to share our successes and hopefully help other schools to further enhance their own wellness promotion programs. I was fortunate to meet with many educators from countries all over the world and learn about their practices as well. It really was a wonderful experience.”

Commit to Be Fit is a school sponsored, grant funded program. Through the generosity of the PATH Foundation, C2BF was created to help promote healthier lifestyles for students, staff, and county residents and employees.

Scholastic Bowl success

On Jan. 7, RCHS Scholastic Bowl won 2 out of 3 matches, now sporting a season record of 7-2. Rapp defeated George Mason 225-170 and Central 280-80 and lost for the second time this season to Clarke 180-260.

The bulk of scoring came from three of the starters, senior Bryce Jones (125 toss up points), junior captain Lauren Petty (180 toss up points), and sophomore Alec Petty (140 toss up points). Other contributors included Agustin Garcia and Heather Smith. While it was a loss against Clarke, it was a close match until the last round with Rapp only trailing by 25 points at the end of the directed questions.

Panther Scholastic Bowl will compete in 3 more matches on Monday, Jan. 14t before hosting the Bull Run District Tournament at home on Thursday, Jan. 17. The team is led by Dave Naser.

Creative touch for WCDS students

Seven Wakefield Country Day School students won prizes for their holiday-themed poems and short stories submitted to Samuels Public Library’s annual writing contest.

WCDS creative writers win awards at Samuels Public Library. Pictured front row: Mia Blank, Mac Wofford, Addison Fairhurst; back row: Arella Nagle, Claire Mullins, and Blake Jordan. Not pictured: Lucy Whitson. Courtesy photo

All winners of the 40th annual Holiday Writing Contest, sponsored by Samuels Public Library and Royal Oak Bookshop, were honored at a reception held in their honor. Each winning entry was read aloud for the audience. Winners received a certificate and a copy of the published booklet containing all the winners’ work. First place winners also received gift certificates to the Royal Oak Bookshop.

WCDS 1st grade winners: Addison Fairhurst, First Place “Christmas Holiday,” Lucy Whitson, Second Place “Christmas Jolly,” 2nd grade winner: Michael Wofford, Second Place “Santa,” 3rd grade winner: Mia Blank, First Place “Singing Pearls,” 5th grade winner: Blake Jordan, Second Place “Winter,” and 7th grade winners: Arella Nagle, First Place “Christmas Angel” and Claire Mullins, Third Place “Lost in the Snow.”

Owls geography

The birthplace of revolutionary figure Simon Bolivar is located in Caracas in which South American country?

Ten Wakefield Country Day School students competed in the National Geographic School Bee on January 4: Pictured back row: Connor Lummis, Will Wofford, Daniel Fletcher, Noel Heffron; Front row, Finn MacPherson, Vinnie Hendricks, Arella Nagle, Lynne Blank, and Natalie Neubert, and Logan Marks. Courtesy photo
WCDS Geography Bee champion Logan Marks advances to the next round of competition for a chance to become the 2019 National Geographic Bee Champion. Courtesy photo

That was one of the many questions posed to geography bee participants on January 4 in Wakefield Country Day School’s pursuit to send an Owl to the annual National Geographic Bee Championship.

In the competition, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Perry, the organizer of the event, read aloud questions challenging each participant’s knowledge of U.S. and world geography. Students were also required to read a map and answer associated questions.

Connor Lummis was the runner-up in the competition, and eighth-grader Logan Marks won the WCDS championship round. Next he will take an online state qualifying test to advance to the Virginia Bee.

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