A solution to the madness

It’s a new year but nothing has changed. We now have four (4) lawsuits and no end in site. We’ve spent many thousands of tax dollars for a handful of people to argue about who did and said what concerning matters that 90 percent of the taxpayers care nothing about. Who wins is not important, but we already know who the big losers will be. The taxpayers.

Why are we the taxpayers allowing this madness to continue? We are beginning a new budget cycle. How much will our taxes increase for next year to cover the ever increasing legal fees? As we all know, the big winners in these situations are the lawyers.

So what do we do to stop the madness? At this month’s regular BOS meeting I made a proposal which can quickly deal with this issue. We (the taxpayers) give the affected county officials (we pay their salaries) permission to admit that in the Bragg 1 case they may have unintentionally not followed the letter of the law. But, they can make this concession only if all the litigants in the three remaining cases agree to drop the charges. The taxpayers would not be opposed to paying for any filing fees associated with the cases. This would put an end to the madness and reduce the need for a wasteful tax increase. I believe that the filing of these cases has sent a message to our officials that strict adherence to the codes must be a priority.

The county has numerous issues on the horizon that will place a burden on our limited resources. Let’s not waste our funds on legal squabbles.

If you agree with this proposal, please contact your supervisor and let them know how you feel. The last time I checked, the “Power of the People” was still in effect.

Ron Makela

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