Trump’s vanity project

In reading the legislative agenda of our delegate Michael Webert in this week’s Rappahannock News, I was glad to hear him declare boldly: “Your tax money should not be subsidizing billionaire owners and their vanity projects.”

Amen Brother, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Brandishing such fiery rhetoric I am sure Mr. Webert will be the first to explain to the leader of his party that, since Mexico will not, as it turns out, be paying for Mr. Trump’s wall; and since neither do a clear majority of Americans want to pay for Mr. Trump’s wall, it would appear that the president will, regrettably, have to pay for his “big, beautiful wall” out of his own pocket.

But not to worry; being such a MASTER DEAL-MAKER the president will no doubt negotiate a good price for the land, and he can offset the cost of construction by stiffing the contractors who build it.

Hallelujah! The republic will be saved and not a nickel of taxpayers’ money spent.

Scott McBride

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