Crime & Courts

Wrongful death settlement in 2015 Chester Gap killing

After the criminal proceeding in Rappahannock County, Brittney’s mother, Tina, sued Williams in Warren County Circuit Court, charging wrongful death. A wrongful death suit is a civil proceeding usually brought by the victim’s surviving family members seeking compensation for such things as lost wages, lost companionship, or funeral expenses. […]

Crime & Courts

Obenshain responds, ignores Goff’s concerns

Instead, his legislative aide would only provide the Rappahannock News with the senator’s letter to Goff, dated Feb. 8, in which Obenshain pointed to unrelated portions of Senate Bill 1430 and its companion SB 1431 requiring conflict of interest (COIA) training and freedom of information training (FOIA) for local government officials every two years. […]

Parks and Recreation

Elusive Indian Copper Mine still guards its treasure

“The Stony Man and Dark Hollow mines are near trails and findable still,” the author noted in 1988. “Several similar mines outside the park boundary . . . might also be found with determined effort. I’m not sure anybody now could find the Mount Marshall Mine that’s inside the park, but it was on the 6,666-acre John J. Miller tract in Rappahannock County in 1907. […]


Saluting Rappahannock Black History Month

Newman Nighton Gibson was born in Peola Mills, Rappahannock County, on May 10, 1897, to Lee Brown and Harriet Gibson. He began farming at age 12. In 1917, he was a member of Company K, 370th Infantry, in the First World War, where when fighting alongside the French in trench warfare he and his fellow soldiers were gassed. […]


Being prepared for the real world

I do agree with the writer, there’s always room for improvement. It takes not only the academic staff but the families of each student working together to become successful. Most high school graduates find out the real world couldn’t care less about their feelings. Productivity and accountability are the key requirements in succeeding or keeping one’s job. In conclusion, the writer of the letter to the editor must have been listening in English class. Well done. […]

Letters to the Editor

Open letter to Gov. Northam

The racial discord so embedded in Virginia culture, on display a year ago in Charlottesville in the riots triggered by a few Confederate monuments, was only the tip of the iceberg. These yearbook photos reveal how deep and how far back such ugliness has existed in our Commonwealth. […]

Letters to the Editor

The rest of the story

In this day and age of self-centeredness, their good work stands out and I wanted to share this with you in the hope that you could bring this aspect of the Cappialis to light. I think, with a complete picture, people might see them in a new and different light and perhaps not be so quick to condemn them. […]

Letters to the Editor

Three Smiths say thanks

Thank you, Rappahannock News, for the very nice article about The Smith Sisters written by Veronika Benson. It prompted a full audience at Nancy and Dick Raines’ lovely Little Washington Theatre this past Saturday. And a big thank you to all of our Rappahannock friends that took time out of their busy Groundhog Day schedule to join us! […]

Letters to the Editor

The stigma of mental illness

I am certain the writer means because we have been trained to “promote that stigma.” History has offered us several examples of such promotions, the most graphic was in WWII Germany: “Due to the stigma” millions of Jews were murdered. Millions of people accepted that lesson, millions acted upon it. […]

Letters to the Editor

Just the facts, please!

The BOS sought and received a letter of opinion from the Commonwealth Attorney attesting the vote was lawful and did not constitute a conflict of interest. Why Supervisor Lesinski was the only BOS member sued for supporting additional funding only underscores the frivolous nature of these allegations. All of us should respect one of the bedrock principles of our legal system — innocent until proven guilty. […]


The tail that wags the dog

During the past week Demaris and I have received several comments from patrons of the 22747 ZIP Code. Some were positive; some were negative; all were informative. I was dismayed, however, that few making critical comments had actually read my letter to the editor in last week’s Rappahannock News, where I laid out my reasoning why the Postal Service’s decision to locate the new post office on Bank Road is the best of the alternatives. […]


The night John Fitzhugh was hanged in Rappahannock County

State legislators pass resolutions regretting Virginia lynchings. Outlining a “dark and shameful chapter of American history,” state legislators in Richmond this week unanimously passed resolutions to “acknowledge with profound regret the existence and acceptance of lynching” in Virginia, where 104 mostly African American men were murdered by mobs between 1877 and the 1930s. […]


Professionals among them

Twelve members of the Capital Wind Symphony joined the Rappahannock County High School and Elementary School Bands last Saturday for two rehearsal sessions, thanks partly to the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra’s Music Mentor Program and RAAC’s Claudia Mitchell Arts Fund. […]

School/Education News

School news for Feb. 14

The RCES gym was filled with lots of cheering, dancing, and (of course) RUNNING during the Boosterthon Fun Run;
Several RCHS students attended the Night to Shine event at Open Door Baptist Church in Culpeper; and Wakefield CDS community celebrated customs and cultures from a sampling of countries around the world at their International Day fair. […]

Land Use/Zoning

USPS reverses course, considers leaving post office in county seat

Jeffrey Becker, USPS Northern Virginia District Manager, told Town Clerk Laura Dodd by telephone late Tuesday that two potential building locations were once again under consideration and a final decision would be formally announced within the next several weeks. It’s assumed Becker was referring to the vacant lot on Leggett Lane being pushed by town officials and the lot on Bank Road south of Washington near Union Bank & Trust. […]