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Arthur Candenquist

In his letter published in last week’s paper, Ron Makela offered a “proposal” to eliminate “the madness” of legal actions against county officials, who are sworn to uphold the Code of Virginia, the Code of Rappahannock County, and the Constitution.

Mr. Makela suggested that county officials “may have unintentionally not followed the letter of the law,” and that costly legal actions have resulted from those unlawful omissions. I might point out that ignorance of the laws offers no excuses.

To add fuel to the issue, the recent court ruling last week (22nd January) against one of the Supervisors revealed that he had committed not one but FOUR additional infractions of the laws, as recently as just last month, at the December 2018 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Unless I’m mistaken, it appears that the primary reason why our county officials are now making attempts to intentionally comply with the laws is because of the legal actions being brought by Rappahannock taxpayers to ensure that our county officials ARE understanding and complying with the laws.

A better solution, I would suggest to Mr. Makela and we county’s taxpayers, is for the county officials to understand and comply with the laws every moment they are in office, and to carefully think about how they are doing the jobs they were elected or appointed to perform. The apparent ignorance of the laws, intentional or unintentional, is why the legal actions were filed in the first place.

To anyone considering taking an elected or appointed position in the Rappahannock County government, becoming well-versed in the Code of Virginia and the Code of Rappahannock ought to be a vital personal responsibility before making any serious efforts towards serving in public office.

Until and unless our county elected and appointed officials, now and in the future, take the necessary time to read, understand, and comply with the laws of the county and of the Commonwealth, the “madness” is, most assuredly, likely to continue.

The writer lives in Amissville

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  1. With the exit of “judge” Parker from the court’s bench, Rappahannock will continue on a path of legitimate government going forward.
    Everyone advocating for adherence to the rule of law, for all three branches and at all levels, should give themselves a great big pat on the back for a job well done.

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