Bike path to the Post Office!

According to the headline in the January 31, Rappahannock News, the U.S. Postal Service has decided to move the Washington Post Office from the town to a new facility located approximately two miles away off Route 211. How sad for the residents of Little Washington, who are used to being able to walk to a local Post Office!

But maybe there’s a way to ease their distress: I recall reading from numerous articles in the Rapp News last year that there is funding available to build a walkway or “path,” so why don’t we all unite in favor of using that money to build a “path” from Little Washington to the new facility?

Two miles isn’t too far, especially if local residents were to use, oh, I don’t know, say bicycles as transport along the new route.

Surely such a “path” could be planned and engineered to overcome the possibility of quicksand, pedophiles, meteor strikes and other likely obstacles and objections. It’s a Win/Win solution! I’m sure everyone in the county will see the brilliance and utility of this idea, something we can all get behind and support!

Randall Fort

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