Dear BOS, since you don’t read your emails . . .

Here are excerpts from one of many emails you received from Ben Venue neighbors that, according to “read receipt,” you didn’t open before your Monday meeting:

“I hope that you have had a chance to watch the video from the BZA meeting in question. I think you will find that there was quite a lot of evidence given and we convinced a number of BZA members that an injustice has been done and an increase in activity at William Tree Service is certain.”

“If his 2012 permit asked for only three workers, I ask you how twice and nearly three times that number, seven days a week, does not show a clear increase?”

“In the end of the day, all he needs is another field somewhere zoned appropriately in the county. He moves his piles around with ease, and I don’t believe it would be a great hardship for him to move his business off of Ben Venue Road. Clearly you all did not believe so in 2010, when you granted him a permit to do just that.”

“Williams Tree Service has clearly outgrown Mr. Williams’ front yard, and it is time to help Mr. Williams find an appropriate place in the county for such activity, where he can be free to enjoy fewer restrictions, and we can be safe and enjoy the peace of beautiful and otherwise quiet Ben Venue Road.”

Bill Freitag, Ann Maclean, Susie MacNelly, Bob Mann, Len McGill, Sandra Renzy, Jennifer Scherschel

Ben Venue

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