GED prep comes to Sperryville

‘Many employers view a . . . GED certificate as equal to those having a high school diploma’

By Kathleen Grove
Special to the Rappahannock News

For the first time in many years, adults can attend classes to prepare for the GED (General Education Development) without leaving Rappahannock County.

Classes have begun at RappU in Sperryville on Monday and Wednesday evenings, where several Rappahannock residents are working with a teacher to learn the skills and content necessary to pass the GED. Once they pass the GED, they will increase their earning potential and be eligible for community college.

The teacher, Bo Pittman, lives in Amissville and teaches in a Fauquier County high school during the day. He works with each student in the GED class at his or her own pace, preparing the student for the test which can be taken over several days. He supports and encourages the students as they master material that they missed by not finishing high school.

With the class available in Rappahannock, the students no longer must drive to a neighboring county for this opportunity.

One student in the class reported that she especially appreciated Pittman’s help with the work. Referred to the class by the Department of Social Services, she says she lives alone and doesn’t have anyone to ask for assistance when she’s not sure of her answers on practice tests.

Students can be any age. Pittman says one of his students in another county is in her 70s.

The GED is a series of tests, which when completed, certify that an individual’s educational abilities match that of a high school level. The five types of tests within the GED are: social studies, science, mathematics, reading and language arts. The language arts test is further divided into language structure and an essay.

After completing the GED testing, the individual receives a certificate that some higher educational institutions, such as community colleges, will accept in place of a high school diploma. Many employers view a person who has earned their GED certificate as equal to those having a high school diploma.

The Piedmont Regional Adult and Career Education Programs (PRACEP) offers the class at RappU.

The GED class is free. Potential students may enroll by contacting the office at 540-718-8228 or visiting the website:

Knowing that a GED can open many doors, RappU encourages employers, friends, and neighbors to recommend the GED class to residents who, for one reason or another, did not finish high school.

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