A time for Democrats and Republicans to join forces

I was shocked last week to read the Open Letter to Gov. Northam signed by the Rappahannock County Democrat Committee. Let’s face it, Gov. Northam (nicknamed “Coonman” in his own college yearbook) did have a bad week — blackface, KKK costumes, and cheers for infanticide. While I held no real expectation that our local Dems would condemn Governor Northam — “applauding” the Governor on the heels of these disclosures of his outrageous behavior was unbelievable — I thought the Democrats would at least “lay low” for a while.

The committee also failed to condemn Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax following accusations of assault and rape by two “credible” victims — credible is in quotes because we heard this adjective hurled over and over by Democrats in support of claims by supposed female victims during the recent Senate Confirmation Hearing for Justice Kavanaugh.

Hypocrisy? Why not applaud Lt. Governor Fairfax, too?

Lest we forget, Attorney General Mark Herring has now also confessed to his own blackface moment — more Democrat applause, please.

We may have reached a rare opportunity for bipartisan agreement in our state. These three immoral men don’t represent the good citizens of either political party and, collectively, they have made the Commonwealth of Virginia a national embarrassment. Perhaps it’s time for a different kind of Open Letter to Gov. Northam — one that condemns such obvious bad behavior and is jointly signed by both the Democrat and Republican Committees of our county.

Jeffrey E. Knight

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