Wider conversation while remaining governor

Dear Governor Northam,

My wife and I want to encourage you to continue as our governor.

We have been at our home in southwest Georgia during your ordeal and followed it closely. At first we were tempted to join our liberal friends and national Democratic leaders to ask you to resign. The more we searched our hearts and minds and deliberated with friends, the more we realized the hypocrisy and unfairness of your predicament and moral dilemma. Hypocrisy, we believe, because so many liberals and conservatives feel an allegiance to values we hold strongly but their vested interest to be re-elected is hiding any past prejudice or prejudicial actions, especially from their youthful years.

Our past transgressions and prejudicial thoughts and actions are to be forgiven so long as our recent past and future hopes and actions show our commitment to atonement and increasing social and economic justice for all. This is the wider conversation we desperately need to have.

We know your next three years will undergo great scrutiny by the media, opposition, and your own party the closer we get to 2020. We too will be watching to see how well, under the circumstances, you can deliver on improving the lives and opportunities for the oppressed and needy in our state.

We wish you well and expect to be voices of reason and forgiveness so badly needed today in our polarized and partisan nation.

Ralph and Gwen Bates

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  1. Thank you Mr and Mrs Bates for your thoughtful comments with regard to the recent controversy involving Governor Northam. I could not have said it any better. Is there any among us who has led a perfect exemplary life such that we have no regret for past acts and transgressions. I suspect the prospect of having ones life examined under a microscope has discouraged many potentially fine public servants from running for office. Perhaps Governor Northam didn’t handle this incident in the best possible fashion but I believe him to be remorseful and sincere in his apology. I say let this man be judged only by his character and record as a public servant and not by some youthful prank committed decades ago.

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