Government shutdown ends — but clock is ticking

Shenandoah National Park Ranger Hazel Rudacille says it “feels good” to be back on the job following the longest-ever federal government shutdown that impacted her and 800,000 other workers and contractors — 137,000 in Virginia — either furloughed or working without pay for 35 days. […]


Heeding the call for help . . .

In closing, I would like to repeat my support for community response to Dr. Grimsley’s call to action for help dealing with the problems that students are bringing to school from preschool through graduation. As one piece of that response, I recommend restoration of the position of MSW school social worker for the next budget year. […]


Read, understand, comply with laws

Unless I’m mistaken, it appears that the primary reason why our county officials are now making attempts to intentionally comply with the laws is because of the legal actions being brought by Rappahannock taxpayers to ensure that our county officials ARE understanding and complying with the laws. […]

Letters to the Editor

Schools scramble to blame others for trauma

Being a student of Rappahannock County High School I have yet to see any signs of their efforts to improve the mental health of the students. Before focusing mainly on how our home lives influence the depression rate, I ask you to look into how the school effects this. […]

Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Grimsley, RCHS staff

I am a 1979 RCHS graduate and still a landowner who only gets to be home a few times a year. As a school nurse in New Jersey, I am the only one in my school with these kinds of skills. So happy that my tax dollars are going to such a great resource. […]