The circus has not left town

A Board of Supervisors meeting once again turns contentious

A clown and a seal have now joined the circus act otherwise known as the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors.

As discussion took place Monday evening on possible future scenarios for hiring a deputy county attorney, and members debated whether to go into closed session to further discuss the matter, Supervisors Ron Frazier (the “clown”) and John Lesinski (the “seal”) had this rather unorthodox exchange, while BOS Chair Roger Welch (let’s call him the “ringleader”) tried keeping the pair apart with his worn down whip:

Lesinski: I don’t have a desire to go into closed session and hear this all over again.

Frazier: Well if you are going to sit there and be a clapping seal then be one, I’ll get you a ball.

Welch: Mr. Frazier!

Lesinski: That’s a really rotten thing to say.

Frazier: It’s not, we have been entrusted by the people of this county to be their representatives and you don’t care if this happens.

Lesinski: That’s not true, that’s absolutely not true. Once again you think that your opinion matters more than everybody elses. And you think that if you are louder and that you talk longer and get angrier that your opinion makes a bigger difference, that you are smarter, and you have been around longer than everybody else.

Frazier: Mr. Chairman.

Lesinski: Oh, I’m just a clapping seal Mr. Chairman, just ignore me down here, I’ve got a ball on my nose.

Welch: Let’s go to recess.

Frazier: This is an example, sir.

Welch: Let’s go to recess, it looks like it was working both ways down here.

Frazier: Well, I’ve taken a lot over the years, and you have sat there and allowed it to happen.

Lesinski: I’ve never called you a name before Mr. Frazier, that’s new territory, congratulations.

Frazier: I did not say that you were a clapping seal . . .

Lesinski: Don’t try and backtrack on this. You just took it to a whole different level calling people names.

Frazier: I didn’t . . .

Lesinski: You call your fellow supervisor a derogatory name like a circus animal or something like that, maybe I should call you a clown.

Frazier: If you like to sit there and have [inaudible] by somebody else . . .

Lesinski: I didn’t cut you off, when you went on and on and on here, with our council, berating him. I’ve seen this show before, I’ve seen this shitshow before . . .

Welch: I’d like to call the meeting back to order.

Note: Due to a production error, an earlier version of this story omitted the final four sentences.

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  1. Typo: Lesinski: I don’t have a desire to go into closed session and here (should be HEAR) this all over again.

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