Comp plan ‘shall be general in nature’

Soon, citizens of Rappahannock County will be able to attend a public hearing on the county’s completed draft of its comprehensive plan. The Code of Virginia states that “The comprehensive plan shall be made with the purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted and harmonious development of the territory which shall, in accordance with present and future needs and resources, best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the inhabitants, including the elderly and persons with disabilities.”

Further, The Code of Virginia clearly states, The comprehensive plan shall be general in nature . . .”

That being said, now that the comprehensive plan draft has been completed, I believe it’s time to discuss any possible additions that need to be made in a timely manner, and move on with this plan. Negatives, comments that it is way behind schedule, that other counties do things differently, opinions that people in past Rappahannock County government positions didn’t do their jobs have no place in the discussion.

Rather, follow the positive model that Brenda Garton demonstrated in her exit report: what needed to be done, items that had been accomplished during her tenure, items that were being worked on, items that still needed to be addressed.

Get the finished comprehensive plan in place perhaps with the above model going forward as to the written goals for the next comprehensive plan, which will need to be done in four years.

Goals not written down are dreams and seldom accomplished. I learned about SMART goals long ago: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Trackable. Working together, I believe we can continue to accomplish whatever needs to be done to keep our county on the viable path it needs to meet and adapt to the changing challenges now and in our future.

Sheila Gresinger

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