More women farmers in Virginia

The U.S. Department of Agriculture conducts the census every five years. The 2017 census collected more detailed demographic information about the nation’s farmers than in previous years.It reported that there are 25,509 female farmers in Virginia, an increase of 18 percent from 2012.
The number of male farmers declined 4.8 percent to 45,085 over the same period. Some of these men and women are couples who farm together. […]

School/Education News

Overwhelming support for entire schools budget request

RCPS seek social worker and 4 percent pay raise: Hampton District Supervisor John Lesinski isn’t waiting for the conclusion of the county’s FY20 budget negotiations to announce his support for the Rappahannock Public Schools’ budget request that would bring a full time social worker and 4 percent teacher pay raise to the school district. […]

Letters to the Editor

Applauds and supports Blake Collinson

What a great idea, I thought, putting pen to paper and writing a letter to accompany any news, historical facts, mementoes about our Rappahannock County. Hope some other readers will join me, sending a package to give this student knowledge about the treasures that are Rappahannock. […]


The clamor for affordable housing

How did we ever get in the situation where I am told I cannot send my child to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because one of the children at school has a peanut allergy? And you know how kids like to trade snacks and lunches. But think about it. How did your kid’s allergy get to be my problem? […]

School/Education News

Entire class of Rappahannock nurse aide students immediately land jobs

Rappahannock County High School Nurse Aide (NA) students completed their final day of clinicals at Heritage Hall Front Royal on April 12th. And not only did the ten students leave the facility with hands-on experience, they each had a job offer to work at the nursing facility. This is the second year in which the high school’s nurse aide students have all received job offers upon completion of the program. […]


Sweeping the Thornton

“The rain kind of cleaned out the river for us!” organizer Kerry Sutten announced to the army of 75 volunteers banding together under emerging sunshine Saturday morning for the second annual Thornton River Clean-up in Sperryville. […]


Easter sunrise doesn’t disappoint

Christian faithful attending Easter Sunday sunrise services in Rappahannock County actually witnessed a sunrise for a change, including here at Greenwood Farm in Gid Brown Hollow, where Trinity Episcopal Church Rector Rev. H. Miller Hunter leads worshipers in prayer. […]


Hackley’s Country Store gets lights just right

Just two of the comments I have heard recently in Rappahannock County related to our beautiful dark skies. Not dark ground, or dark landscapes, just dark skies, and this makes Rappahannock very unique. A place where we can enjoy sights not seen clearly — if at all — from many surrounding counties. […]


Quite the Yeaster!

“We can’t wait to do it again,” announced Jennings Carney of Pen Druid Brewing as a spectacular Yeaster festival drew to a close Saturday, “and hope that with each event we can bring together farmers, producers and consumers of real agriculture in the most literal sense of the word.” […]

Washington Column

Washington column for April 25

I hope that everyone had a nice Easter Sunday. The day was gorgeous. One could not have asked for a more beautiful day.For about 30 years, it’s been the tradition that Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue organizes and hosts an Easter egg hunt, free of charge, for all county children. And so it was again this year! […]